Advance. Innovating options

Advance is North America’s most innovating manufacturer of shopping carts. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and understand that our customers are the driving force behind our business. We strive to provide not only the best products but also the best customer service.

Advance Castors

Our Advance Castors provides side impact resistance, greater stability, and a smooth, durable roll over competition. We also offer a all plastic castor with 3 years warranty.

  • > Single-section forks with pressed-in industrial ball bearings
  • > Natural rubber treads with excellent damping characteristics
  • > Ball bearings are enclosed on both sides
  • > Permanent lubrication in the ball bearings of the forks and castors
  • > Original Advance castors are maintenance free

Cup Holder

Cup holder in wire metal, available in different sizes for various cups. Also available in different powder coated colors.


Scan Holder

Scan holder in metal, available in different sizes for various scanners. Also available in different powder coated colors.


Basket Divider

Divider in front of the cart provides space for the items you want to protect. Makes shopping easier.


Ergo Grip

Ergogrip is a modular, ergonomic handlebar system that can be configured to suit your needs: You decide, for instance, if your handlebar is to have advertising space with or without a coin lock facility.


Clip On

ClipOn is sure to catch your customer´s attention, making it an excellent advertising medium for enhancing your own presence or for your third-party advertisements. Simple, quick and cost-effective to fit.


Relaxt Handle

The Handle with many options… Cup Holder, Scan Holder, coin lock etc


Smart Safe

The SmartSafe seat-belt system for children is quick and easy to fit. SmartSafe automatically adjusts to the size of the child. Once the strap clip has snapped into the housing, the strap is securely fastened and the child cannot climb out.
This makes for much more safety, because it ensures that children are really held securely in the baby seat. When not in use, the strap is stowed in the Smartsafe housing to keep it clean and hygienic and is therefore protected against the weather, dirt and damage.