Manufacturing & Supply-Chain

We manufacture our products both domestically and internationally and use a global supply-chain to bring quality shopping carts at the best price to our customers.

Advance Carts is always synonymous with exceptional quality. Our manufacturing plants are ISO-certified and the quality assurance programs are managed under Advance Carts’ commitment to the top US standards. Our products are made with the finest materials and with an automotive-standard corrosion prevention and with an environmentally safe, industry-leading powder coating system for metal carts.

Our lean, effective supply-chain uses a bi-coastal distribution system. Our warehousing and distribution is coordinated in Torrance, CA, Swedesboro, NJ, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Product assembly, customization and final quality inspection are made at these facilities as needed.

As a high-performance and value-oriented US-based manufacturer and a leader in quality, we will contribute to the success of retail chains and stores with ideas, creativity, outstanding products and service – both now and in the future. Our unifying objective is to maximize the value for our clients.

Our E-Coat Process

All Advance Carts metal shopping carts go through an automotive 11-stage electrocoat dip-tank finishing system after they are welded and assembled. After a thorough multi-tank cleaning process the products receive a zinc phosphate precoat and are then immersed in an acrylic electro-deposition tank where a high gloss black acrylic topcoat is charged onto the products. The products are oven cured to fully crosslink and cure the electrocoat topcoat providing an extremely durable and rust-resistant finish (especially in difficult to reach areas and joints), the process ensures resistance to water, humidity, salt, and UV rays as well as extreme ambient temperatures. Our ecoat is SGS corrosion tested for maximum lifespan and protection.

Advance Carts e-coat process is be separated into four basic zones:

  • Cleaning and Pre-treatment
  • Electrocoat Bath of assembled shopping cart
  • Post Rinses
  • Bake Cure Dry Oven

Advance Powder Coat

Advance Carts has advanced experience with powder coating. Our relentless focus on improvement and exceeding customer expectations have produced an environmentally safe, industry-leading powder coating system for metal carts.

  • Innovative coatings from the technological leader
  • Perfect quality thanks to years of experience and expertise
  • Tempting colors throughout the store presence

Advance Chrome

Our high-gloss chrome finish is specially designed for indoor applications. It protects wire baskets and metal components against normal to moderate stresses and strains such as collisions or wear and tear as a result of scuffing. The high-gloss finish adds a visually attractive element.